Concept/staging/musical direction



« If there was only one truth, we would not be able to paint one hundred canvases on the same theme »  PABLO PICASSO


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This project is an opportunity to create an original idea and work with artists at the top of their field.

“I set myself as the cherry on top of  a true collaboration between these artists and the greater public”  It is he who sets the mood to the various creations, musical memory flash.

Better Sound

Original Sets

Audience participation

The winning three ingredients that make this director proud and overjoyed to accompany this awesome performance.






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“The inspiration appears, as a painting, from the original work created, through our own sensory and aural experiences, we create new versions, neither better or worse... just different and new.

I tried, I worked, I have loved all kinds of musical genres... from classical to pop music, from festive atmospheres of dancing to choir creations.


I am sure, thanks to recent artistic experiences, that arranging and rearranging existing repertoires brings a sort of continuity to us all.


For z’UT, the goal was extremely simple and awfully exciting, we simply had to draw from the well of all styles, all ages, all themes to present an original show, which appeals to memory and leads to discovery.