The technical sheet

The technical sheet has been created to help organize the show. Please read this carefully, and be sure that all the necessary requirements have been considered. If you have any question or if you cannot meet the conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us. In case of a problem, please inform us as early as possible.

Contractual terms and conditions

This current technical sheet forms an integral part of the contract and any non-compliance could cancel the show subject to the rights of the artist.



5 singers

1 director

1 stage technician



Minimum stage edge opening:  4 meters

Minimum depth: 4 meters

Minimum proscenium: 3 meters

Background preference: black


Power supply

Free access to the general power supply

Sound power supply independent of lights, the scene and the auditorium

On set: 4 power supply MONO 220V + earthed socket 16A



Stairs in front or on the side of the stage, giving access to the stage

A place for the sound console on the floor, center stage front

A stable table for the sound console


Green rooms

 We require 3 green rooms, and they should be equipped with mirrors, washbasins (cold and hot water), chairs, tables, clothes rail and lockable. The green rooms should be available as soon as the equipment is unloading and keys entrusted to the artists.

5 water bottles (still)

Available upon arrival light refreshments for 7 people: fruits, sandwiches, beverages...


Staff supplied by the client or its organization

1 light engineer

1 sound engineer


Lighting supplied by client or its organization

Creative license is granted to the local light engineer, with the understanding that the hall may only have a certain amount of lights available, and with the awareness that the artists move a lot, both on stage as well as among the spectators, thus even the audience should be well-lit.


We travel with 5 headset 4088 microphones, Sennheiser HF system.


For any questions or to customize a show, please feel free to contact us.