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Claire Trouilloud - Soprano

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Soprano, Claire Trouilloud embraces various vocal styles, from medieval to baroque, musical revue to jazz and modern, to contemporary, which she specializes  in.

She graduated in contemporary singing as well as jazz and improvisational music from the Strasbourg Conservatory.

For the greater part of her studies she crisscrossed aesthetics with poetry and earned the Soroptimist award in 2012, an honor endowed on women musicians.

Manon Cousin - Mezzo soprano 1/arrangements and musical direction

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Manon was born into a family of musicians, she started her music career very young with the piano and the organ. “I took my firsts baths in very musical water.” At 11 she joined a troupe of singers, then entered a conservatory where she took voice lessons with Aude Patru; as well as piano lessons, classical music theory, jazz, orchestra and dance. She continued her work with vocal arrangements, and studied acapella with Pascal Baudrillard, later teaching voice classes for children until 2011. In 2012, she joined L’Académie Internationale de Comédie Musicale in Paris, and earned her diploma for voice and theater. From 2014-2016 she expanded her talents working with a variety of theatrical groups, as well as undergoing lyrical training with Sandra Zeltzer, leading her to collaborate in the creation of the female trio “Les Intinérantes.” Thus, she discovered the true joys of vocal arranging.

Clémence Fougea - Mezzo soprano 2

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She has an unconditional love for music, ever since her childhood. She began theater, and voice lessons early, first with a three-year course at the Jean-Laurent Cochet school. Later, she joined different theater companies such as The Cadran company and Les Mille Chandelles. She worked in Jacques Mougenot’s operette « Deux timides à la clé », and she joined the Bidiboum Quartet, a vocal quartet accompanying on piano. (Je ne suis pas Claire si elle chantait dans un quartet accompagné du piano, ousi c’est elle qui jouait au piano- et j’ai dit qu’elle jouait le piano)

She trained in composition and arrangement at The Schola Cantorum School with several teachers from the Berklee College of Music.  She set up a musical adaptation of « L’aigle à deux têtes » by J. Cocteau, and later, a piano-vocal repertoire with her pianist David Manara, giving birth to the duo “French Kiss From Paris.”

Anne Le goff - Alto

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Anne had her musical awakening at 5 years of age. She began playing the accordion at 7. Then, she tried piano, drums and classical percussions before « finding her voice » at The Auxerre conservatory.

She earned the national diploma in music studies, specializing in vocal arts in June 2007. Later, at the Troyes conservatory she joined the Mikrokosmos choirs which allowed her to travel through France, Italy, China, Japan, Finland and The United States, performing both within the chamber choir as well as solo. She has worked with several other professional choirs and currently, she is performing with Les Trois Mousquetaires, Système D, Murmures, and Ravissande.  In 2010, Anne created the all-female choir Lacadencia which she still manages. She is the choirmaster of « Les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois » and earned her national diploma of choir director in 2014. She also finds time to manage a male choir, and maintains regular voice training courses.

Francisco Gil - Bass-baritone

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Fransisco started his musical career at the Conservatoire de Musique, Danse et Art Dramatique in Mulhouse in 1990 and won three first-prizes for modern, comedy and tragedy by the end of his training. He has played roles in « La petite Catherine de Heilbronn » of Heinrich Von Kleist, « Peer Gynt » and « Au rêve de gosse » of Serge Valletti. Once he met Guy Ramet, creator of « Centre d’études Masque et Mouvement » at Brussels, they created many opportunities to collaborate. He continued to pursue his love of singing with Anne Wenger, his voice teacher in Strasbourg and with Yolande Uytter, choirmaster at the Strasbourg Opera. Soon after, he entered the Colmar Conservatory. He furthered his professional training at the « Académie Internationale de Comédie Musicale » where he developed his vocal practice with Mélanie Moussay.


Christine Coquilleau – Photographer



Lisbeth Trond-Siaud – Costume design and construction

During high school, Lisbeth chose to study costume design. She learned how to wield needles and avoid scissors accidents. She continued to master her skill and became a ninja of patterns, and a samurai of fittings ...One thing lead to another ; gradually, she saw herself needed in a variety of shows, films, and operas. In order to prepare for these new adventures, she did what was necessary, first a top-secret espionage assignment at Microsoft, later an internship at NASA and lastly Karate Kid versus origami.

Huge challenges for this costume designer who finds it difficult to set her microwave clock.

Kaly – The mascot

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