The concept



A tapestry of five voices

Plus, original sets

Add clever stage direction (or brilliant choreography)

And you get: magical audience connections.



First, there is the music, all the music, nothing but the music...enveloping all ages, sizes, and shapes.

Experience bold combinations, brilliant reinterpretations that stimulate memories, and also embark on an adventure into new melodies.

Then the beats crisscross, the styles mix, the voices unite.


Five artists serve up their performance with humor, spice, and inventiveness. Their voices sparkle and their personalities glide through the show, their enthusiasm spills over into the audience.




Nothing is off limits! At every level we showcase everyone’s skills. From Classical music to Pop, Jazz to Rap, musical review to World music, nothing is forbidden! Our mashups are new, original and varied. There are no boundaries, our harmonies and mixes showcase everyone’s talents.




A mashup is a composition created by blending two or more pre-existing songs, by either over laying the vocal track of one song over the instrumental track of another or mixing up fragments from both songs in a non-sequential way.


An interesting tool for our musical exploration.